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Alleghany County Office Holders

Principal Office-Holders
The following are the names of those who have held the principal offices in the county.

1879, Jesse Bledsoe
1880, F. J. McMillan
1893, W. C. Fields
1899, W. C. Fields
1906, Stephen A. Taylor
1909, R. L. Doughton
1911, John M. Wagoner

1869, Dr. J. L. Smith
1871, Robert Gambill
1873, Abram Bryan
1875, W. C. Fields
1877, E. L. Vaughan
1879 and 1881, E. L. Vaughan
1883, Isaac W. Landreth
1885, Berry Edwards
1887, R. A. Doughton
1891, R. A. Doughton
1893, C. J. Taylor
1895, P. C. Higgins
1897, H. F. Jones
1899, J. M. Gambill
1901, J. C. Fields
1903, R. A. Doughton
1905, R. K. Finney
1907, 1909, 1911, 1913, R. A. Doughton

Clerk of County Court:
1859 to 1862, Alleghany Gentry
1862 to 1866, Horton Reeves
1866 to 1868, C. G. Fowlkes

Clerk Superior Court:
1864 to 1868, Wm. A. J. Fowlkes
1868 to October, 1873, B. H. Edwards
Edwards resigned and J. J. Gambill appointed.
October 1873 to March 1882, J. J. Gambill
Gambill resigned and R. S. Carson appointed.
March 1882 to 1890, R. S. Carson
1890 to 1898, W. E. Cox
1898 to 1910, J. N. Edwards
1910 to 1914, S. F. Thompson

1859 to 1864, Jesse Bledsoe
1864 to 1870, J. C. Jones
1870 to 1882, J. R. Wyatt
1882 to 1884, Berry Edwards
1884 to 1885, George Bledsoe (died while in office)
1885 to 1888, W. F. Thompson
1888 to 1894, W. S. Gambill
1894 to 1898, L. J. Jones
1898 to 1904, D. R. Edwards
1904 to 1908, S. A. Choate
1908 to 1910, John R. Edwards
1910 to 1914, S. C. Richardson

Register of Deeds:
1865 to 1868, Thompson Edwards
1868 to 1880, F. M. Mitchell
1880 to 1882, F. G. McMillan
1882 to 1886, F. M. Mitchell
1886 to 1892, J. C. Roup
1892 to 1898, J. N. Edwards
1898 to 1904, S. F. Thompson
1904 to 1908, John F. Cox
1908 to 1914, G. D. Brown

The following is a list of the first Justices of the Peace of the county:
A. B. McMillan
John Gambill
Berry Edwards
John A. Jones
Solomon Jones
W. P. Maxwell
Solomon Long
Nathan Weaver
Wm. Warden
C. G. Fowlkes
F. J. McMillan
John Parsons
Caleb Osborn
Wm. L. Mitchell
C. H. Doughton
James Boyer
Wm. Anders
Thomas Edwards
Thomas Douglass
I. C. Heggins
Hiram Heggins
Morgan Bryan
A. M. Bryan
A. J. Woodruff
Alfred Brooks
Wm. T. Choate
Daniel Whitehead
Goldman Heggins
Absalom Smith
Martin Carico
Ruben Sparks
Spencer Isom
Chesley Cheek
Of this number. Dr. C. G. Fowlkes and Nathan Weaver are the only ones now living, 1912.

Source: Western North Carolina a History From 1730 to 1913, By John Preston Arthur,
Published by Edward Buncombe Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, of Asheville, N. C., 1914.

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